Love Hope and Faith.. in our garden summerhouse

The Vineyard Community Centre is a Christian charity inspired and motivated by the example set by Jesus. It is a place of help, hope and welcome and we invite many who are seeking the healing of supportive community to be part of our story. From all our activities we receive more than 30,000 visits a year from members of the local community.

We adopt a non-judgemental approach and treat all who come as equally valuable, regardless of race, faith, sexuality, gender or social standing.

We recognise that a loving and supportive community can be highly effective for healing loneliness and mental and spiritual health. Along with all our practical services we will try to meet these needs if the individual is seeking it.

The Vineyard Community Centre is a charity deriving support from many local churches, business and members of the community . Our staff and volunteers are recruited from various churches as well as those of no faith or other faiths.

Faith & Food

Faith and Food runs on the first Friday of the month from 8.30am – 10.00am.  Guests and volunteers gather together to eat a cooked breakfast whilst hearing a short ‘thought for the day’. It is a wonderful opportunity to share the good news of Jesus and to gather as a community around the breakfast table.

The Community Centre leases the basement of the Vineyard Life Church, The Vineyard, Richmond upon Thames TW10 6AQ