Personal  health advice towards appropriate treatment and care of our drop-in guests. Our nursing service is part of the Parish Nursing model, accountable to the Nursing & Midwifery Council. Accredited Parish Nurses are employed by churches or charities to support and enhance the practical support offered to those in the community and further develop connections with other voluntary agencies, health care professionals and the NHS.  Once a month, Dr Jacobs from the Vineyard Surgery visits our clinic in the drop-in.


1. Talk through any Physical health problems or worries you may have.
2. Carry out simple health checks when necessary to do so, such as:

  • Monitoring Blood Pressure
  • Check Temperature / Pulse /respiration
  • Test Urine for diabetes or infection, or other abnormalities
  • Monitor weight
  • Simple examinations of ears and eyes

3. Help you to understand your medication and prescribed treatments.
4. Give informed health advice and help you to get the most appropriate treatment and care.
5. Liaise with local G.P. surgeries and make referrals if and when appropriate
6. Accompany you to medical appointments if needed to do so.
7. Make links with and refer to other local statutory, voluntary, support agencies.
8. Take time to listen and give informed health care information.
9. Offer sensitive spiritual care and prayer and engage with others involved in
pastoral care if asked to do so.
10. Encourage a healthy lifestyle.
11. Link you to a trained volunteer who can offer friendship and support


  • Our nurse will respect those of different religious beliefs and those with none, but will offer support to any person who makes a request for spiritual care.
  • If the patient so desires, the offer of prayer is made as an integral part of their whole person health care.


The Nurse runs regular clinic sessions each week on a Monday and Wednesday morning 8.30am – 11am and our Community Centre guests can make appointments by talking to a member of staff or the nurse at the Vineyard Community Centre or just pop in to see her when the clinic is being run.

Contact: 020-8439-9735
e-mail :