Building works appeal

By Velocity Partners

Date 06-08-2019

Could you contribute to our special summer appeal to build a small extension? It will cost £12,000. The extension will enable many more of our guests to take a shower each day. Keeping clean is a basic need for us all to maintain personal dignity and self worth. Please can you help us achieve this by making a donation to our appeal?

This photo (below) shows the existing brick shed which we want to remove and replace with a new toilet for our cafe staff, extra storage space for kitchen supplies and a cleaner’s sink/sluice. Planning permission has been obtained and we want to construct the extension during other building works done in August.

We’ll then be able to free up more space in our shower block for an extra shower for our male guests. We only have ONE shower for them at the moment for an average 15 guests who use our showers daily. Often men have to use the women’s shower. Our new extension will enable many more to shower daily – perhaps over 3,000 showers a year more!! With the Winter Night Shelter starting in November, this extra shower is a critical need.

If you are able to help us, you can donate at paypal

Or at Virgin money giving

Thank you!