What we do

We run crisis, food poverty, social inclusion and holistic support work services from The Vineyard Community and six other locations in the borough. Every day, we help individuals overcome personal crises and reconnect with society.

We offer support at the point of crisis and during recovery and have extensive experience resolving issues related to homelessness, addiction, loneliness and mental health.

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Our Story

The first Vineyard project was launched in June 1976 by the late wife of Sir Richard Attenborough. It was the vision of Alfred Upstill who was a Probation Officer and Minister of the Vineyard Church. The current incarnation of our work began in 2011 and helped thousands of local people each year, and continues to develop and grow.

He had a clear goal in mind. To create a place “for the healing of personal loneliness, the development of a sense of community and the breaking down of divisions in the locality, facilitating communications between sources of help and points of need”.

Sadly, Alfred did not see his vision for the Vineyard Project materialise but members of his church continued his work. They asked mental health charity, Richmond Borough Mind, to establish a day centre in the crypt of the church as a memorial to Alfred.
In 1977, Penny Wade was appointed as manager and became determined to make Alfred’s dream a reality. She devoted 21 years to The Vineyard Project and together with a team of volunteers helped thousands of local people in distress.
Richmond Borough Mind continued to manage the project until it was closed in early 2011 due to budget restraints.
But that wasn’t the end of the Vineyard.
Local churches and members of the community formed a new charity called Vineyard Community (& Richmond Foodbank). This is the organisation that manages the centre today.
We’re committed to continuing Alfred’s mission and bridging divides within the Richmond community. Every day we connect those in need with those with means, either directly or through donations.

Our faith

We’re a Christian organisation inspired and motivated by the example set by Jesus. We believe that his teachings can be incredibly useful in helping people overcome crises and cure loneliness.

We adopt a non-judgemental approach and treat all who come as equally valuable, regardless of race, faith, sexuality, gender or social standing.



Our people

We couldn’t do what we do without a huge amount of community support. We’re lucky to have relationships with individuals and businesses who are more than willing to share their time and resources with us.

We employ a number of part-time staff, which includes:

Staff team

Fiona Brennan

Operations Manager

Fiona works across all departments, currently focusing on supporting and developing Richmond Foodbank.




Logistics Coordinator

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See how we’ve helped people cope with homelessness, loneliness and abuse.

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