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Our nurses run regular clinic sessions every week on a Monday and Wednesday morning 09.00 – 11:00.

You can make an appointment by talking to a member of staff – drop us a line below – or just pop in to see a nurse when the clinic is in session.

Phone: 020-8439-9735


Open Vacancy

We are currently looking for a Community Nurse to join our team! Learn more about the role here:

To apply fill out the form below and send it to:

What can our nurse do for you?

Examinations and testing


  • Blood Pressure monitoring
  • Temperature, pulse and respiration checks
  • Diabetes testing
  • Infection screening
  • Weight monitoring
  • Simple ear and eye examinations

Partnerships and referrals

We can put you in touch with a number of organisations and individuals that offer medical advice and support, including:

  • Local statutory, voluntary and support agencies
  • Trained volunteers who can offer friendship and support

Local GP surgeries (we can also make referrals)

Advice and support

Our nurse is qualified to:

  • Discuss physical health problems or concerns you may have
  • Help you to understand your medication and prescribed treatments
  • Suggest appropriate treatments and care
  • Provide informed healthcare advice and information
  • Explain how you can live a healthier lifestyle

Holistic Care

We offer support to anyone who requests spiritual care and prayer can be made an integral part of your treatment. We’re deeply respectful of all beliefs and don’t discriminate based on creed, race or religion.

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